Tips To Control And Eliminate Your Termite Problem

Suddenly realizing you have termites inside your house or commercial building is a terrible feeling. But if you catch the problem quickly enough, you may be able to act fast and get the situation under control before significant damage occurs. If you just found out you have a termite infestation, here are some tips that might help get the situation resolved.

Eliminate Places with Moisture

Termites absolutely love damp places. Any spot in your home with lingering moisture might as well put up a "welcome termites" sign right on the wall. To that end, give not just the spot you noticed with termites but the entire house a full inspection, looking for any additional places where moisture is apparent. This means it's time to finally fix that leaky faucet or stop that condensation from forming along your walls. You may also want to purchase a dehumidifier, as this will remove moisture from the air before it can turn into condensation or moisture around your home.

Lock Up the Entrance Points

It can be hard sometimes to pinpoint the exact spot the termites are using to get into your house, but there are a number of spots you can check. Pay special attention to your basement windows and doors, especially if there has been moisture in the area. You will want to put in new weatherstripping or fix any drafty windows you might find, especially if these are located on the first floor of your house or in the basement and therefore close to or below ground.

Check Any Wood Exterior Areas

If your home has wood windows, doorframes, floorboards or even a big pile of firewood outside the home, these are also areas you should inspect for more termites. If there is something like a woodpile close to your home, move it further away.

Contact a Professional

While eliminating moisture, locking down potential entrance points, and keeping a close eye on any and all wood inside or near your home can keep termites from spreading to more places, you may need professional help to get rid of the ones you've already found. For best results, reach out to a local termite control company. Not only can such a company eradicate the termites you've already found, but they can assist you with other tips suggested to help ensure that a problem like this doesn't get any worse and to also ensure that it never happens again

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