4 Ways To Keep The Termites Away This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about what you can do to protect your property from termites and other springtime pests.

Way #1: Keep That Wood Away from Your House

If spring is when you take the time to replenish your wood stack, find a place for your wood far away from your home. When you put the freshly chopped wood right up against your home, you are essentially putting out a buffet for the termites and asking them to chew through the woodpile and into your home.

Instead, build a raised platform so the wood is not resting directly on the ground at least twenty feet away from your home. Use treated lumber to create a stand for your wood that will keep your wood safe and your home safe at the same time.

Way #2: Keep the Trees & Bushes Trimmed

Termites tend to enjoy rotting and dead wood more than active, live wood. However, termites can use trees and bushes as ladders to climb onto and into your home. You should not have any bushes or trees that directly touch your home. If you do have bushes and trees that directly touch your home, trim them back.

Way #3: Eliminate Water Sources

Third, you need to work to eliminate water sources from around your home. Termites need more than wood to survive; they also need a source of water.

To start with, make sure that you keep your gutters clean and the debris doesn't build up and allow water to accumulate in your gutters. Make sure that water drains away from your home and doesn't build up anywhere.

Take the time to waterproof your crawlspace and basement as well. Make sure you don't have any leaky pipes around your home either.

Way #4: Use Rubber Mulch

Get rid of the wood-based mulch around your home. Wood-based mulch attracts termites because it holds moisture and provides a source of wood at the same time. Instead, purchase rubber-based mulch. Use rubber mulch around the foundation of your home. This will help keep termites away. If you use any wood-based mulch, make sure you use it far away from your home.

These are simple steps to keep termites away. You can also contact a pest removal service like Good News Pest Solutions, and they can take further steps to keep your home termite free.

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