How Do You Know If You Have Termites?

Termites are a major concern of homeowners around the world. If you are looking for the signs you have termites, you might have a good reason for doing so. You might have heard that infestations are common in your area this time of year, or you might have determined that there is some damage to your home already.

Termites are serious business, and they can infest the wood of your home, getting into the foundation, door frames, window frames, and more. Want to know how to spot the signs of termites? Check for these common signs.

Look for White Ants

Some people also mistake termites for ants. They can look very much like small, white ants to those who have not seen them before, so pay close attention to any insects you have in and around your home.

Listen to the Walls

Eerily enough, termites can make sounds. The termites can make little clicks as they move about their lives, and this often happens when they shake their bodies against the wood. This sound is often a sign that something is wrong to the colony, and it is also a sign that something is wrong inside your home. You might also hear some clicking that comes with the munching of the termites.

Look for Droppings

Termite droppings are also a clue that something is wrong. Always look for signs of insect and animal droppings in your house to ensure that nothing is wrong.

Look for Flying Insects

Flying termites are a sign that something is wrong near your home. Flying termites are males and females that have left to build a colony on their own, and that means you could have a developed or developing colony in your home. Look for flying insects, especially in the light of the porch.

Changing Doors and Windows

Sometimes, windows and doors may begin to feel like they do not open and close the way they used to. The door frames may feel like things fit differently. This could be because the termites are causing the frame to warp. You might even struggle to open and close your doors and windows sometimes.

Call a Professional

If you fear that you have termites, call an exterminator service. A professional can complete an examination of your home and ensure that nothing is wrong. Professionals know all the common signs of termites, and they can ensure that the bugs are promptly exterminated or removed from your home, stopping the damage right away.

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