Ask These Questions When You Arrange for Animal Control and Removal

No one wants a family of raccoons living under their house or a nest of rats in the attic. Arranging for a pest control company to remove the animals is best because you don't want any of those animals dying in your house. However, different pest control companies approach the job differently. If you want to be sure the animals are removed but not destroyed, you need to ask as some companies (depending on state laws) if they can perform this request. 

What Will Happen to the Animal After Removal?

When you call, ask about what specifically the company will do with the animals. If you do not want the animals exterminated, you need to look for a company that specifically says that it will not kill it, unless the animals are so sick or injured that extermination would be more humane. You may also find companies that do both. Also, ask how far away the animal will be released if it's released later. Many animals can return to a nest that's a significant distance away, so you have to be sure the pest control company will release them far away from your home.

How Will the Company Find Babies, If Any?

Sometimes you have just one animal trapped in your home, but other times, it's an entire family causing a ruckus. Yet it may not always be evident that babies are hiding out, so ask what the company will do to ensure they get all of the animals and not leave babies behind to starve. This often depends on the season; a skilled pest control company that usually deals with certain animals will know their breeding and social habits and whether or not it's the right time of year for there to be babies to worry about.

Will the Company Help Block up the Opening/Nest?

Once the animals are out, will the pest control company help you block up the hole or entrance to the nest? The company likely won't undertake construction. However, you can see if they have temporary barriers or can tell you what you'll need to cover up the hole until a permanent barrier can be installed.

The animals you want to be removed are just trying to find a warm, safe place to sleep, but you don't have to let them stay. You should be sure they are removed efficiently and safely, and that the nest space is closed up so they can't get back inside. Contact animal removal services to learn more about the process. 

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