Spiders Leaving You Wanting To Move Out? What You Can Do

There are a number of different species of spiders in the world, some of which are perfectly harmless, while others may cause you some harm. While you may not have some of the most deadly spiders living in your area, there may be a few that can still cause you harm or just scare you. If you have spiders in your house, it can be a cause for concern. Spiders can eat some pests, but they could signal other pest issues as well. Read on for tips to get rid of spiders living in your home.

1. Repair Seals Around Your Home

Spiders can get into just about any tiny space, but they may be coming in through your seals around your windows or doors. If these seals are broken or there is a crack or open space in any of these areas, spiders can be making their way inside. If spiders can come in, imagine what other pests may be coming into your home as well. Inspect all of these seals and the areas around your doors and windows, and then make the necessary repairs to these seals. 

2. Spray Your Yard

Use a granular pesticide or a spray pesticide around your home and in your yard. Spray the perimeter, as well as the rest of your yard. Allow the yard to dry thoroughly before going out onto the lawn. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how much to use on your lawn.

3. Remove Yard Rubbish

Spiders may be using your pile of yard rubbish to build their webs and reside until they decide to come inside. Remove any yard waste or rubbish you have sitting too close to your house. Piles of wood or old items that can be tossed in the trash should all be removed from around your yard.

4. Turn Out The Lights

The lights outside of your home are going to attract all types of pests such as moths, beetles or mosquitoes, and the lights are going to attract other pests as well, including spiders. Spiders will build their webs close to these lights and feast on the insects going to the light. You leaving your lights on all night long may make you feel safe, but all you are doing is attracting more pests to your home. Spiders can make their way into your home from there quite easily, getting into the soffit or fascia of your home and then finding their way in. Turn your lights off at night when you go to bed and stop providing meals for spiders.

Spiders can find their way inside, but you don't have to put up with it. Hire a pest control company to get rid of the spiders inside or outside of your home.

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