Keep Those Pests From Entering Your Home In The First Place

Pest control is often perceived as a set of tactics used to get pests out of the home. But what if you could keep them away in the first place? That would be a more efficient approach, and it may also be a healthier one since it would not require you to use baits and sprays. Here are some key steps to this approach, which pest control experts often refer to as an exclusion approach. 

Keep windows and doors sealed.

Just like burglars, pests often enter straight through the door or window. Make sure there are no gaps around your doors and windows. You can quickly seal almost any gap with caulk. Make sure you also have good screens on the windows and doors. If your screens have rips, replace them; a cockroach or even a mouse could easily squeeze through a tear in the screen.

Keep a gap between your landscaping and home.

Flowers and shrubs are beautiful, but insects love them as much as you do. This is not a big problem as long as the insects don't make their way into your home. To prevent this from happening, just keep the landscaping away from the base of your home. Leave a two-foot gap if possible. If you can keep larger shrubs and trees back further, do so.

Keep your garbage far from your home.

Taking the trash outside daily is a good way to keep pests out of your home, but only if you're really careful what you do with the trash. You don't want to put the trash right by the side of your house, as is common. If it attracts pests, it won't be long before those pests make it into your house. Keep the garbage across the yard, if possible, and make sure the garbage stays well covered.

Keep wooden structures in good condition.

People often forget that termites and carpenter ants are pests to worry about, too. These pests may start in an outdoor wood structure before then moving into your home's wooden parts. Keep your fences, porch, deck, and other good structures in top shape to keep the pests away. Apply waterproof coating regularly, and replace rotten boards as soon as you spot them.

The exclusion method of pest control is really helpful in the long run. If you can keep the pests from entering your home, you won't have to worry about trapping or killing them. Reach out to a pest control company like Alliance Pest Management, Inc. for more information. 

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