2 Pests Commonly Found In Homes Across America

Discovering your home has become infested with one of the many types of pests that are commonly found in residential properties can leave you feeling frustrated and worried about the outcome. You may also develop physical symptoms indicating you have an allergy to the pests you're now sharing your home with, so tackling your pest problem as quickly as possible is key to protecting your home and your wellbeing. Here's an overview of two common pests and the treatment options available for eliminating them from your home: 

Beg Bugs

Bed bugs can be found in the creases of mattresses, box springs, headboards, and chairs. The first noticeable sign is often bites on areas of exposed skin, but there are other signs to look for if you think you have a bed bug infestation. As bed bugs grow from larvae to the adult stage they shed their skin, and you can find shedded skins in infested areas. You can also find fecal matter, which looks like small black dots on fabrics, such as a mattress cover.

Bed bugs can be treated with dust or aerosol insecticides or by steaming affected surfaces, as bed bugs can't survive in high temperatures. Steaming can draw out bed bugs that are hiding out in deep recesses that insecticides may not reach, but this treatment isn't suitable for all surfaces due to the moisture it produces. Another effective way to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment, which uses portable heaters to raise the temperature in affected rooms for several hours. It's an environmentally-friendly option, and you don't need to remove any belongings before treatment begins.


Mice are often enticed into homes by the presence of a food source, and once they establish themselves in your home, you will notice telltale signs, such as droppings, an ammonia smell, scratching sounds coming from wall cavities and damage to food packaging or soft furnishings. Mice can carry diseases and parasites, and if they chew through electrical wires, they create a fire risk, so they should be eliminated as soon as possible.

Mice can be caught in catch and release or kill traps, which may need to be placed under floorboards or in wall cavities. Bait traps can also be effective, and these can be used when there's a nest in a difficult to reach place, as adult mice will take bait containing insecticide back to the nest. Once an infestation is dealt with, you should seal any cracks or entry areas around your home to prevent a recurrence.

These are just two examples of common household pests found across America. Pest infestations can cause stress and impact your enjoyment of your home, so have a pest control professional carry out a survey to establish the extent of your pest problem and recommend a treatment approach that will quickly and efficiently eliminate your unwanted guests.  

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