So You're Having Your Home Heat-Treated For Bed Bugs

Heat treatment is a very effective option for bed bug extermination. However, it is probably also different from everything else you've done in the past to treat pests, so you might be wondering how to prepare and what to expect. Take a look at more information about bed bug heat treatment.

Preparing for Heat Treatment

Before your pest control company arrives to treat your home, you should remove the bedding from your bed and launder it. Use hot water and lots of soap, and then dry the bedding on high heat. The heat of the washer and dryer will kill any bed bugs present in the bedding. Set the bedding aside somewhere safe, such as on a hard table, until after the treatment.

You should then go about removing anything heat-sensitive from your home. This includes all paintings, any cosmetics or hygiene items, and electronics. Store these items in your garage or basement after wiping them down to be absolutely sure they are free from bed bugs.

Do not move anything else, like furniture or even clothing. You don't want to take bed bugs into a space where they are not already.

Undergoing Heat Treatment

You will need to leave your home while the pest control company heats up the space. The treatment will take about two or three hours. Your home will probably only be heated up to the bed-bug-killing 120 degrees F for an hour or so, but it will take the pest control company some time to set the equipment up and then tear it down.

The heat will kill the adult bed bugs, the larvae, and the eggs. This is the main reason why heat treatment is a great choice. Other treatments, like insecticides, typically only target adult bugs.

Dealing With the Aftermath

You can return to your home as soon as the pest control company is finished with their work. Your home will probably still be warmer than you typically keep it — maybe 85 or 90 degrees. However, you can put your bedding back and start putting heat-sensitive items back into place while the space is cooling down. If you have air conditioning, feel free to turn it on to cool down the space more quickly.

You should not need additional heat treatments. Most bed bug infestations are easily cleared up with just one. For more information on bed bug heat treatment, contact a local pest control company.

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