4 Mice Control Tips That Keep The Pests From Ruining Your Garden

You don't want mice in your house since they are destructive, smelly, and spread germs, but you may not give much thought to mice being outside in your yard. However, mice and other rodents can be a big problem if you grow a garden or have fruit trees. You may need the help of a pest control company to eliminate an infestation if the pests won't leave your food alone. Here are four mice control tips that might help.

1. Keep Nesting Places Away From The Garden

When you have trouble with mice, you may need to use something other than straw as mulch around your garden plants. Straw is an ideal material for mice to burrow in to hide and sleep. Also, keep brush piles far away from your garden, and dispose of them promptly when possible. If you have a compost area open in your yard, consider transferring it to a compost container so mice can't nest in the compost.

2. Try Plants That Repel Mice

If you have space in your garden, you might try planting things that mice don't like, such as mint, garlic, and onions. The strong odors from these plants might keep some mice away, but if mice are already dependent on food from your garden, you may need to take more drastic measures.

3. Use Tree Guards And Wire Mesh

It's challenging to keep mice out of your garden physically since they are so small. You'll need to use wire mesh with tiny holes so the mice can't squeeze through. Also, mice can dig under a wire fence, so you'll need to bury the fence in the ground. Mice can also climb up anything with a rough texture, so mice can easily climb over some types of fencing. You may need to cover individual plants with wire covers and use tree guards that keep mice from climbing up trees.

Talk to your pest control professional for tips on how to keep mice out of your garden with fencing if that's the approach you want to take. As a side benefit, you'll also be able to keep other pests, such as rats, squirrels, and possums out of your garden when you surround it with a pest-proof fence.

4. Eliminate The Mice

Killing off mice outdoors is tricky because you don't want to harm other wildlife or your pets. Poison and traps may be necessary, but they have to be used in a safe way so only mice are killed. You might consider live trapping if you don't want to kill the mice or if you want to be certain other animals aren't harmed. A mice control professional can choose the best method for eliminating the mice without hurting other animals.

If the infestation isn't too bad, you might eliminate the problem by removing yard clutter, keeping the grass mowed down, and blocking food and water access. However, if an infestation has already set in, call a professional for help in eliminating the pests so they won't destroy your garden and fruit trees.

For additional mice control tips, reach out to a company like Anteater Pest Control.

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