The Importance Of Safe Wildlife Relocation

Dealing with residential wildlife can be at best, frustrating. Moles and voles can ruin your yard. Squirrels can eat all your birdseed. Skunks can leave an olfactory bomb on your property (or household pets, even). However, these animals aren't trying to ruin your day, and you know that. They aren't full of malice, they're just animals who are living their lives, and it happens to be in your neighborhood. You may have decided to adapt a 'live and let live' strategy, which is understandable. However, once they invade your basement or your attic, it becomes a whole different story. Why?


Residential wildlife can carry diseases that you don't want anybody in your household to get. These animals can get into your food supply, which can spread disease. They can spread disease to your domestic animals, if they happen to interact. They also carry fleas, ticks, and other parasites that could also spread disease to you and your loved ones (including your pets). Diseases like Lyme disease and Alpha-gal syndrome are both spread by ticks, and can dramatically impact you for the rest of your life.

Damage and Clean Up

They mean no harm, but they're still tearing up your insulation, chewing your wires, and damaging your furnishings. It's not deliberate destructiveness, but it still can be extremely expensive to repair. They can even cause structural damage, and the damage they can do to your wiring could cause a fire hazard. It's not hard to imagine- a half chewed wire sparking near an animal nest?

There's also the droppings to be dealt with. Urine is an odor that is hard to remove, you likely have experienced that if you have ever had pets or small children, and it's even more difficult to tackle when a portion of your house has been used as a bathroom by several critters, unimpeded by the people who live in your house.

Wildlife means Wild death

If you have uninvited wildlife in your house, you are also more likely to have to deal with uninvited tiny corpses. Dead animals are not a small matter, and need to be removed with care. They also create an unpleasant odor in your house, one that is very difficult to live with. If the animal dies in your walls or other hard-to-access areas, you may have to have the corpse excised through a wall and end up having to pay for patching that up, as well as paying for the clean up.

In the end it's better for everybody involved if the animals are safely and humanely removed from your residence by qualified professionals.

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