Got Hornets? Stay Safe, Stay Kind, And Call A Pro For Help

Similar in outward appearance to yellowjackets, hornets are rarely a welcome sight on your property. These stinging insects are often not discovered until there is an odd and rather large paper nest hanging from a tree limb. Unfortunately, by the time you spot the nest, you are dealing with a full-on colony of stinging insects, and that is never a good thing. If you have spotted a nest and know you have a hornet problem around your house, it is imperative that you reach out to a professional for hornet treatment or eradication. Here's why.

1. Enough hornet stings can be fatal. 

Hornets are larger insects, and their stinger is substantially bigger than a lot of other stinging insects. The venom delivered with a hornet sting is not normally deadly, but if you get this venom in high enough doses with multiple stings, your life really could be in danger. For smaller children, the elderly, or someone allergic to the venom, the situation could even be serious with fewer stings. While hornets are not always the most aggressive of the vespid family, they will defend their hive and queen if they think you are a threat. 

2. Hornets are a valuable part of the ecosystem. 

When you learn of a hornet population on your property, your first inclination may be to get rid of the thing as quickly as possible by whatever means necessary. There are numerous bits of bad information out there about setting a nest on fire to get rid of the hive or soaking it down with gasoline. These things very well could kill the hornets, but this could also make them highly agitated with you as well. Plus, hornets do serve a valuable role in the ecosystem and should be saved and relocated when possible. Hornets: 

  • Are natural plant pollinators because they collect pollen just like bees 
  • Are important to help control high populations of spiders 
  • Are necessary to control general insect populations 

Hornets feed on spiders and insects and they sometimes carry these bugs back to their nest to feed larvae. Without hornets, insect populations would grow and certain crops could be affected. When you work with a hornet treatment professional, they may be able to safely relocate the nest and the colony to a place away from human populations so they can continue to do their work. 

Reach out to a professional near you to learn about different hornet treatments.

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