Why You Should Have Raccoons Removed From Your Yard

To some degree, having wildlife around can be enjoyable. It's nice to watch deer play in your yard, and it can even be fun to watch some raccoons play from a distance. But if you are seeing raccoons more than once in a while and suspect they are nesting in your yard, that could be a problem. You can and should contact a wildlife removal company to trap and relocate them. Here's why.

Raccoons can carry rabies

Rabies is a deadly viral disease that affects almost all mammals. Raccoons are common carriers of the virus. If a raccoon gets into a scuffle with your dog or cat, it could pass rabies on to them. And even though dogs and cats are typically vaccinated for rabies, the vaccine is not 100% effective. It is also possible for a raccoon to give your pet rabies, and your pet could give it to you. Rabies is just not something you want to mess with, and relocating the raccoons will help keep you safe.

Raccoons can wreak havoc on gardens

Raccoons are not picky, and they can eat an incredible amount. If you grow a garden and there are raccoons nearby, you won't be enjoying much of that produce; raccoons will be! They eat tomatoes, apples, cherries, and even peppers. Having them trapped and relocated before your garden vegetables start to be ready may save your garden.

Raccoons raid bird feeders

If there are raccoons on your land and your birdseed keeps disappearing, it's probably not the birds eating it. Raccoons love birdseed, and they are incredibly good at getting it out of bird feeders. Your birds may starve while the raccoons get fat! Relocating them to a place where they have a better choice of food is best.

Raccoons can move into your garage or home

Maybe right now the raccoons only have a nest in a tree, but if they are already nesting that close to your home or garage, then they don't have much further to go before the encroach on your space. Once the temperature drops, they'll be attracted to the warmth of your buildings and may try to find a way in. It's best to have them removed before they destroy your home.

Raccoons are smart little animals, but they are best off in the woods and in more remote areas, rather than in your yard. Don't hesitate to have them trapped and relocated by a wildlife removal service.

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