Tips For Finding And Sealing Places Where Mice Are Entering Your Home

Do you have mice that are getting into your home, and you want to seal their entrance to stop them from getting in? If so, you'll need to know some tips for finding that entry point.

Look For Holes In Building Material

One place where you are going to find a potential entry point is somewhere in the building material around your home. This is quite common if you have cinder blocks for a foundation that are directly up the bricks that make up the rest of your home. Take a look at where those two sections come together, and if there are any gaps between the materials that are big enough for a mouse to fit through.

Once you've identified a gap, take a look at the color of the material that surrounds it for any signs of a mouse infestation. Mice tend to leave a dark oil from their fur as they crawl through tight spaces, and the more frequently they crawl through the hole the darker it will become. This can be a key indication that you've found the entry point. 

The oil that the mice leave behind is actually what attracts other mice to your home. Since mice are creatures of habit, they'll keep returning to that single spot since they know there is food inside.

Seal Holes Up To Keep Mice Out

You'll want to seal up that hole in a way so that mice cannot get in. One way to do it is to fill the hole with a copper wire mesh that is going to be incredibly tough for mice to dig through. Once they hit that metal, they are likely going to turn around and find somewhere else to go instead. You can then try sealing around the hole with silicone to prevent them from easily getting inside. 

Avoid filling the hole with a material that is easy for a mouse to chew through. Spray foam may be a good insulator, but spray foam alone is not going to get the job done. Mice can easily chew through this material and work their way inside again. 

Your other option is to hire a pest control service to do it all for you. Not only will they find the holes where mice are getting inside, but they'll make sure that they are properly sealed so that they stay out. Contact a pest control service for more information.

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