Removing Spiders From Your Basement With Ease

If you have noticed several webs and spiders inside of your basement, you may likely wonder just how many are down there and how to get rid of them for good. An occasional spider is not an emergency situation; however, if they multiply in large numbers, some action is required to ensure they do not take over your living space.

Deep Clean With Plenty Of Vacuuming

To aid in your quest of removing spiders from your basement, it is important that your entire home is as clean as possible. Spiders can travel from floor to floor, making it important that you take the time to clean all rooms in your home including the basement. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove small spiders from corners and ceiling areas.

Check Your Home's Exterior For Damaged Areas

To help keep spiders from gaining access to the interior of your home, do an evaluation of the exterior. Any cracks, crevices, and holes require repair work to keep insects and small animals from getting to the inside. 

Tend To Your Outdoor Property

When using lighting outdoors, stick with less illumination as lighting attracts insects. When insects congregate, spiders generally follow. Also, remove any unneeded items from your yard, porch, and property so insects and spiders have fewer areas to set up their own protected residences.

Use Sticky Traps To Discover Key Areas

Purchase insect sticky traps to place inside of your basement to find out exactly where spiders are most prevalent. When a spider steps upon a trap, it remains in place. The spots in your basement where traps have collected many spiders are likely to be close to potential nesting areas. Be sure to place these traps in shaded areas and spots where moisture is present as these are desirable locations for spiders to dwell.

Use Spider Repellent In Targeted Areas

Non-toxic spider repellent spray helps to keep spiders away from spots where you do not want them. Use the information you collected when using the sticky traps to place repellent in spots where spiders are likely to be living. You may notice the number of spiders you collect in your traps decreases after using the repellent.

Contact A Pest Control Service For Help

If the above steps do not lead to a decrease in the spider population in your basement, it is best to contact a professional for assistance. A pest control service can check out your basement for signs of spider infestations and uses pesticides to eliminate them from the area. Contact a spider removal service for more information. 

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