What You Can Do If You Have Ants In An Upper Story Of Your Home

When you typically see ants, you probably see them in a basement, crawl space, or on a main floor of your home, but if you are seeing them on an upper floor, they could be coming in from just about anywhere and have likely infested your entire home. If you have ants on the upper floor of your home, they could be coming in and using the pipes and wiring throughout your home to get into the upper floors. These pests could also be coming in through the attic space or through a window on the upper floor as well. If you've spotted these pests on an upper floor, you need to figure out where they're coming from and do something about them. Read on for helpful information.

Inspect Possible Entrances

Take a close look around with a flashlight and inspect areas of your home where you think these pests may be coming in from. Look in your basement or crawl space and then look in your attic as well. Look on the outside of your home to see if you can find a trail of ants or if you can see any holes or cracks where these pests may be making their entrance into your home. Once you find the entrance, you can make the necessary repairs to your home to prevent further issues.

Kill The Pests You Already Have

Start getting rid of the pests you have in your home already by setting traps around where you've seen these pests and using a spray around your home to help kill the pests you don't see. Toss the old traps after a few days and set new ones to trap more of these pesky insects. Spray at least once per week until you no longer see any of these pests. You can also use your vacuum cleaner as a way to get rid of these pests. Vacuum every other day and empty the canister outside of your home to prevent the ants from getting into other parts of your home.

If you have ants on an upper floor of your home, they may be coming in from a number of ways. If you have trees hanging low over your home, you should clip these branches back to prevent ants and other pests from invading your home. Hire a pest control company to help you find where these pests are coming in from and help you get rid of them as well.

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