What You Should Do If You Have Wild Animals Using Your Porch As Their Den

When you walk out to your porch with your morning coffee, the last thing you want is to be greeted by a skunk, raccoon, or opossum that thinks you're invading its space. This can happen though, especially if it has found that your porch makes a nice den for its family. If any of these animals have babies, they can be very territorial and could be dangerous if they think you are a danger to them. If you have any of these wild animals living beneath your porch or somewhere else around your home, they need to be evicted, but it has to be done properly. Read on for helpful information.

Hire An Animal Control Specialist

You should hire a professional to get rid of these animals for you. Especially if there are babies, these animals could prove to be dangerous, and you could end up hurt. Not only do the adult animals have to be removed, but the babies do too, and this needs to be done delicately to not cause harm to the animals or the bond between the animals. Hiring a pest control company will ensure this all goes smoothly.

Set Up A Barrier

If there aren't any babies involved and you see where the animal has been coming and going, you can set up a barrier to help prevent them from getting beneath your porch or in whatever other area it has been getting inside of. These animals will return over and over again to the same spot, so you need to be sure you set up a barrier that is strong enough to keep them out to protect your space.

Remove All Food Sources

These animals aren't just looking for a warm place to stay, they're looking for food too and may be finding it around your home. Be sure you remove all food sources that has been used to feed these animals. If you have fertilizer stored under your porch or bird seed for instance, these animals may be feeding off of it. Store it in an air-tight container, or store it where it cannot be found and these animals cannot get into it again.

Any type of wild animal that greets you first thing in the morning can cause a stir, but if you aren't able to go outside of your home without feeling like you're invading the space of a wild animal, it's a problem. Hire a professional animal removal specialist to help you get rid of this problem for you.

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