Does Weather Affect Termites?

When you have a termite problem, you may notice them more or less often when the weather changes. Termites tend to be active all year, but you may not see them as much in the winter. However, that doesn't mean that they are gone. In some cases, you may have better luck treating termites during certain types of weather. 

Keep reading to learn how weather affects the usual termite species and when to take advantage of it to rid your home of the pests.

How Does Weather Affect Termites?

If you live in an area with four seasons, you will see several termite phases throughout the year. Here's how each season affects most home-invading termites.

Spring and Summer

Termites increase their activity when the temperature starts to rise. Spring is usually the time you will see flying termites. These termites are in search of a mate. Not long after finding one, they drop down to build a colony.

Humid and wet conditions will increase their activity. Not long after a rainstorm, you will see more winged termites. If you see a large number of these termites inside your home, you may already have an infestation.

Fall and Winter

Termites are cold-blooded. So they may slow down in the fall and winter. If your area gets very cold, they will likely retreat more underground or to warmer areas of your home. Prolonged freezing weather could harm the colony if they are not prepared. However, most native termites are well-adapted to winter in the area.

What Are the Best Weather Conditions for Termite Eradication?

While termites are more visible during the warmer months, winter is an ideal time for termite eradication. During the winter, termites will be more concentrated and predictable in their location. An experienced pest control technician will likely be able to find them quickly.

Winter is also a good time for termite eradication because you can kill the colony before their breeding season begins. That way, you can prevent termites from spreading to another area or other people's homes. However, though winter provides a lot of advantages, don't wait until that season to fix the problem. Call a professional as soon as you notice a problem.

The exact behavior your termites will show during the seasons depends on their species. Some species, especially the non-subterranean ones, may be more sensitive to cold than others.

Therefore, talk to a professional pest control company like All American Pest Services - Termites & Bed Bug Removal if you suspect you have a termite problem. They have people there who know the local termite behavior and can determine the best time for eradication.

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When you have a termite problem, you may notice them more or less often when the weather changes. Termites tend to be active all year, but you may not