How German And American Roaches Differ And How To Get Rid Of Them

There are several types of roaches, and many of them live outside and aren't too bothersome as house pests. However, the German and American roaches are common indoor pests that you're likely to encounter occasionally. Here's a look at how these roaches differ and pest control measures that can help get rid of them.

German Roaches Are Resistant To Pesticide

German roaches are difficult to get rid of. Pesticides, such as roach bait work on them, but the bait may need to be switched out regularly so it's effective. These roaches are light-colored and they don't fly. They're fairly small, so they can get into tiny areas you may not think about.

German roaches are the most common type of roach that infests homes. They multiply quickly and may be resistant to certain pest treatments. Roach bait, while effective, may not be quick-acting. You may need professional pest control treatments and advice to get rid of a German roach infestation.

American Roaches Are Large And They Fly

American roaches are easy to tell from the German roaches because the American variety is much larger. Plus, they can fly for short distances. These are also called palmetto bugs in the southern US. These roaches are usually easier to kill than the German roaches since American roaches aren't as resistant to insecticides.

American roaches live outdoors. They mainly live in sewers, so they spread germs around when they get inside your house. They prefer outdoor life, but they may come in to find water or cooler conditions in the summer. Bait and professional pest control treatments are effective at killing American roaches, but a large infestation can take time to eliminate.

Since the roaches come in from outside, the pest control company may also seal cracks around windows and your foundation so the bugs can't get inside as easily. Both types of roaches are attracted to food and water, so keeping your kitchen clean, stopping drips under the sink, drying condensation under the refrigerator, and sealing food can help cut off their food and water supply.

Before your pest control company begins treatments, they may provide you with preparation instructions. These might include decluttering your home and cleaning your kitchen to get rid of crumbs and other food. These steps reduce hiding areas and also eliminate food that will compete with the gel bait the exterminator may use.

By working with a pest control company and making your home unwelcoming for roaches, the exterminator can get your roach problem under control more quickly and hopefully keep roaches from coming back.

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