Opossums In Your Yard? What You Can Do

Opossums are marsupials and are nocturnal pests that are often found foraging for food for their young. They will look for food just about anywhere and they are not afraid to go into your yard to find what they need in order for themselves or their young to survive. Opossums are generally harmless pests, but if they are provoked, they may prove to be dangerous. They have sharp teeth and claws that can be harmful to you if the opossum feels threatened. Typically, these pests will play possum, meaning they will play dead, then get up and move when the coast is clear. If you have spotted these pests in your yard, there are a few things you can try to get rid of them on your own.

Remove Trash And Clutter

Trash and clutter piles in your yard can be attractive to these pests because they can use these areas for food and for nesting. You need to remove these items from your yard in order to prevent opossums from being lured to your yard. You need to keep your yard clean and tidy to prevent these or other pests from coming to your yard. Landscape piles and compost piles can also be nesting spaces for these pests.

Keep Lids On Trash Containers

Keep lids on your trash bins and keep your trash in sealed containers to prevent feeding these pests or luring these pests to your yard. You need to keep your trash containers covered, as other pests may also be lured to your yard and create a mess of your trash and your yard.

Put Away Pet Food

Put away pet food, especially if you have pets that stay outside. All food containers should be cleaned up and never left outside, where opossums can easily get access to this food and other pests may also be able to eat from these food containers as well. Other food should be put away as well or in sealed, air-tight containers.

If you have spotted opossums in your yard, you need to hire a pest control expert that can handle wildlife removal to get rid of these pests for you. Do not attempt to handle these pests on your own and never try to trap and release these pests on your own either, as they could potentially bite or injure you. Hire a pest control service today to help you get rid of these or other pests causing you issues in or around your home or yard.

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