2 Problems Caused by Raccoons Taking Up Residence Near Your Home

When you noticed that a family of raccoons moved in close to your house, you may have enjoyed seeing them at first. Since then, they may have overstayed their welcome by turning over garbage cans or getting into bags of seed in your garage or shed.

While you may already know that they can make a mess in your yard and buildings, you may not think that they are much of a pest beyond that. However, there are a couple of problems that are often caused by raccoons when they decide to take up residence near your home.

1. They Can Cause Major Damage to Your House If They Decide They Want to Get Inside

One problem often caused by raccoons that are allowed to roam free on your property is that they can cause major damage to your house. These furry vermin are very curious, and they may not be content to stay outside of your house, especially if they feel warmth or smell food.

When they try to get inside, they will start tearing through siding, insulation, roofing soffits, and other structures to get inside. Once they do gain entry to your attic or basement, they may start tearing up your possessions as well.

2. They Can Inadvertently Attract Other Pests to Your Home When Tipping Over Garbage Cans and Making Holes in Your House

Another problem that often arises when raccoons are around your house is that they inadvertently attract other pests. For example, when they make holes in your house, these serve as entryways for mice, rats, and insects who can easily follow after the raccoons.

Another way they can cause other pests to come close to your house is when they start tipping over garbage cans. The food that is left on the ground will attract rodents, roaches, and other undesirable pests to the area, making your home an attractive new residence for them.

When you have raccoons hanging out around your house, they may eventually cause major damage if they decide to try to get inside by tearing through the siding, soffits, and insulation. They may also attract other pests such as rodents and roaches when they tip over your garbage cans and scatter food all over the ground. If you want to get rid of the raccoons but do not want them to get hurt, contact a pest control service in your area that offers wildlife control to speak to someone about your options.

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