Your Commercial Property Pest Control Plan

Prepare a pest control plan to prevent and eliminate pesky insects and rodents from invading your commercial property. The plan should include individual control methods that you will use and professional services that a pest technician will perform.

Eliminate Water

Many insect and rodent breeds seek warm, moist areas that they can use to burrow and nest. Target areas on your business property that are the most susceptible to pest infestations.

Remove standing water from your property. This includes the removal of water from containers, the gutter system, and decorative features on your land. If uneven terrain often leads to puddling water, have the land graded. 

Address Vegetation Concerns

Overgrown branches and grass provide favorable areas for pests to seek refuge. Set up a schedule to prune plants and mow the grass.

Keeping the grounds well-manicured will not only make your property more appealing to your customers, but it will also ensure that pest control services can be conducted effortlessly. A pest control technician will be able to conduct an inspection of the property, plus administer pest control products in a timely manner.

Vegetation concerns may fluctuate, based upon the season. Prepare a targeted landscape maintenance plan that includes targeted tasks for each season.

Seek Seasonal Inspections

Seasonal inspections that are conducted by a licensed pest control technician will keep you updated on any concerns that could eventually lead to pest issues. Even if you are already vigilant about maintaining your property, there could be some oversights that a technician will make you aware of. 

Pursue Pesticide Treatments

Granular and liquid pesticide treatments are used to discreetly eliminate pests and prevent infestations. Pest control products that are going to be used in common areas that people frequent are formulated with nontoxic ingredients that won't be harmful or offensive to anyone who spends time on your property.

If a pest control technician detects pests or rodents during a formal inspection, they may use products that have been specifically designed to treat a pest variety. Pesticides are used to combat a wide range of flying and crawling insects. Bait stations are used to control insect and rodent infestations.

Seek A Consultation

Before treatment is administered, the technician who you hire will consult with you. They will verbalize the results of their inspection. Then, they will outline the manner in which they will treat your property.

After a pest control treatment has been administered, have another inspection performed in the near future. The follow-up inspection will determine if the treatment was effective.

Reach out to a local pest control company for more info.

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